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Our Leadership

Our Portfolio is more than a display; it embodies sheer excellence.

Ankit Sharma

Managing Director Salasar Cyber Solutions

As the Managing Director, my vision is to drive our company towards digital innovation, client satisfaction, and global recognition. We strive for excellence through cutting-edge technology solutions, fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous growth, ensuring a brighter technological future for all.

Ankita Sharma

Finance Director Salasar Cyber Solutions

I ensure our financial stability and growth. Through strategic investments and sound fiscal management, we enable sustained technological advancement. Transparency and efficiency guide our financial decisions, fortifying our position to deliver exceptional value to our clients and stakeholders.

Kamlesh Sharma

Sr. Business Advisor Salasar Cyber Solutions

A Senior Business Advisor is a high-level professional who provides strategic guidance to organizations. They leverage their extensive experience and expertise to offer insights on business development, financial strategies, and growth opportunities. Senior Business Advisors play a crucial role in helping companies make informed decisions, optimize operations, and achieve their long-term goals.

Chandrashekhar Maheshwari

Sr. Business Advisor Salasar Cyber Solutions

Strategic guidance to organizations, drawing from their extensive experience in business development, financial strategies, and growth opportunities. Their role is pivotal in aiding companies to make informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and realize their long-term objectives.

Fahim Multani

Tech / Business Head Salasar Cyber Solutions

An IT strategist, Innovator, Technical Leader , Solution Architect, with 13+ years of industry experience in managing both Business handling and Deliveries of project. Motivated by leading-edge technologies, he takes pride in keeping up with the latest and most effective development techniques. This ensures his team can execute projects efficiently and deliver high-quality solutions on time.

As the Business lead, my focus is on strategic growth and client relations. I drive partnerships, identify new opportunities, and ensure seamless project execution. We prioritize client needs, innovation, and quality, fostering a thriving ecosystem that propels our company and its clients toward mutual success.

Maqsood Ahmed

CTO Salasar Cyber Solutions

20 years of Hardcore Tech built experience with multiple industries. Specialized in IT Consulting for startups solving complex problems. Currently Leading Technology for AC Doctor.